John. Edgar Hoover - The Legacy

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John. Edgar Hoover or J. Edgar Hoover as he liked to be known was a "Hardworking, intelligent, ambitious and ruthless man" . Hoover was the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigations from 1924 up until his death in 1972. This position gave him the spotlight of the media, the power of director and the controversy associated with an important and powerful position. It will be shown that his legacy has been a controversial but one permanently established in one of the most powerful and well-known law enforcement agencies in the world.

When looking into Hoover and his character we can immediately sense a strong well-spoken person who seems determined to rid America of communists or people associated with any un-American activities. This can be supported by his address to the 'House of the Un-American Activities Committee' regarding the threat of communism in America. This particular excerpt out of his speech shows his feelings towards the communist threat to America, and also his particular confident use of language in describing the dangers of communism.

It must also be expressed that Hoover was a very clear and convincing speaker. This is especially noted with the fact that he is speaking to members of a government committee and there is coverage from the media, where confidence and sophistication is on show.

"The mad march of Red fascism is a cause for concern in America. But the deceit, the trickery, and the lies of the American communists are catching up with them. Whenever the spotlight of truth is focused upon them they cry, "Red-baiting." Now that their aims and objectives are being exposed, they are creating a Committee for the Constitutional Rights of Communists, and are feverishly working to build up what they term a quarter-million-dollar defense fund to place ads in papers,