Joseph Stalin

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Joseph stalin the last russian czar.Joseph was a great leader and also a great peoples person.He grew up in Georgia. He did all kind of great stuff and he also was a awesome wrath on russia.

When he was born he father was a drunk. He beat him on a daily basis.he died in a drunken brawl and was killed. His mother died of disease in josephs younger years.

Jospeh joined the boshleviks and became a rebel.They took over the russian empire. Jospeh slowly took control of russia .He soon became the czar and was a ruthless on at that.he killed many jews and so called nazi spys.he was feared by many.

During WW2 hitler was arpoaching stalin and stalin was getting weaker. His red army was getting slauthered and russia was soon to be doomed.stalin was betrayed by the germans so stalin in good faith took up arms with the americans and they and the americans fought the germans back.

Stalin was the last czar of russia. He lived a hard life and was maybe thought by some to be mentally insane.Anyways stalin is to be remember by the people of russia and the infamous red army.