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Joseph Stalin (born Joseph Dzhugashvili) was born in 1879. He was the sun of a shoe maker and a laundress. His father was an active member of the Social Democratic Party, and at a young age Joseph followed in his father's footsteps and joined the party as well. In 1903 the Social Democratic Party split and he then became a member of the Bolshevik party.

Stalin was known for his troublemaking in his early years. He was referred to as "Koba" by his friends, after the famous Georgian outlaw. He was also known for his abilities to fight for the rights of the "common people." Escaping prison exile was routine to Stalin and during one of his escapes he fled to St. Petersburg. It was there that he became a member of the editorial staff of Pravada in 1912. During his first year in St. Petersburg he was arrested once more and exiled to Siberia.

In 1917 he was released and returned to the Pravada staff in Petrograd.

In October of that same year, Stalin was elected to the post of commissar for nationalities. This was the very first political position he ever held. This was also when he adopted his political name "Stalin" meaning "Man of Steel." Stalin steadily climbed the political ladder and in 1928 was one of the most respected voices in the Soviet Union. He introduced methods of productively advancing the Soviet Union through forced industrialization and collectivism. This became known as "Stalin's five year plan." Stalin was partially responsible for the rebirth of Russia after being devastated in WWI and after the Civil War.

Similar to the tactics of Hitler, Stalin ordered several executions and imprisonments from 1934-1939 mostly towards people within the Soviet government. The same people that supported Stalin and made it...