Joseph Stalin's Rise

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JOSEPH STALIN'S RISE Joseph Stalin first started out in a triumpherant with 3 leaders of the Soviet Union. He eventually got rid of the other 2 leaders of the country to where it was just him left to lead the entire country by himself. In 1932 he took food away from the U.K. and brought it to the cities and the factories. He wanted to modernize industry and agriculture. Stalin had support from people that helped gain power and then he killed them off for the only reason that he wanted to get rid of them. During the time of WWII he had 3 leaders of the N.K.V.D. He once took political leaders that would cause a threat to his power and he accused them of murder. He then took them to camps and tortured them until they confessed to the murder and tried them in court and they were accused guilty.

In 1936, 36% of the communist party had been done away with. He built tanks and planes to build up his armed forces. He had killed 3/5 of his high-ranking offices and ½ of all officers were killed. Russia's only effective army at the time of WWII was the eastern army. Russia invaded Finland and to everyone's surprise, the small army of Finland pushed the Soviet's back to their country. But Stalin wasn't done, he sent more reinforcements to take over the country and Finland was overwhelmed by Russia numbers of people and were quickly taken over. Stalin's form of government worked because everyone was afraid of him and no one could eve do anything to stop him.