This Journey Robert Frost relates his poem "The Road Not Taken"

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As adults, it easy to look back and see whether or not the roads taken in life are the rights ones. Life is a continuous journey where everyone has a destination to reach. There are no directions to guide one in which way to go. That is the choice of the individual. Robert Frost relates his poem "The Road Not Taken" to the every day struggle humans make to find the way to their destination in life. One should be very careful, thoughtful, and aware of consequences when choosing the roads taken in the journey called Life.

Everyone has to make decisions about where they want to go in life. Careful thought should be given in deciding which way to go. No one can see what lies at the end of every road. Frost shows when he says "And looked down one as far as I could," that it is impossible to not wonder about what will be missed out on by going one way or the other (Line 5).

Only one road can be taken and the way one chooses to go starts the journey.

Great thought should be put into this journey through life. If not, there can be regrets about having not gone back and traveling down the roads one did not take. Take time to look down all the roads and decide which one is the best. Frost says "I took the one less traveled by" to show that one does not have to go the way everyone else goes (19). It is ok to be different and do what has never been done.

When making these great decisions about life, the consequences of these decisions should be considered. Frost realizes when he says "I doubted if should ever come back" that choices made are...