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Prisoner's Human Rights In China

In China, under the background of building harmonious society, the minority's human right attracting more and more attentions of the society. However, during the criminal process, the focus id mainly on victims or the prosecuted, leaving the protection of prisoner's human right a blank. The prisoners, who are just being temporary put in prison for a limited time period, no matter for two years or twenty years, will eventually come back to society�. How to protect their human right and help them transformed smoothly from free citizen to prisoner and back to free citizen become a major concern during the process of building harmonious society for China.

Basis for protection of prisoners' human rights

To protect prisoners' human rights, the first question is why do we need to protect their right.

Prisoners are still human

This is a fact that often be neglected when considering why to protect prisoners' human rights.

As a human being, the prisoner enjoy the human rights without any doubt. On a higher level, where is human right comes from? This question lead us the jus natural, which explain that human rights are not come from laws, customs or government but from human's nature and therefore universal and inalienable. Also, other pointed out the nature of human is not the only justified basis for human right, as nature can not distinguish the different between different moral values.�Milne argued that: 借书 human right and human diversity. A.J.M.MilneThe fact that every human being have a certain amount of right is rooted in the common interest of humanity as a whole.everyone interact with each other for survival and thus forms our society, during this process the society give them rights as a human being in order to keep its own stableness and perdurability. Marx...