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"A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer," Frost (online 2004). The quote means that really all a jury does is listen to the lawyers. Whichever lawyer is a better speaker, or even better looking, could make the case lean either way. The jury isn't made up of super heroes only humans. They are making quick judgments without reason. There is no way of knowing whether the jury listened to the case or was charmed by the lawyer. Justice is never certain, and not always fair.

Justice is defined in many ways. Everyone has his or her own definition of this word. Mine is simple, inequality and unfairness. In the current system today there is so much prejudice and corruption. If you go down south and you are black, you may be found guilty of a crime that you did not commit.

The fact that you are black, and you are being tried by a white jury and judge makes you guilty from the start.

That is a classic example of what is unjust and "justice" today. Our justice system is nothing but a lot of flashy lawyers and media. There shouldn't be cameras and interviews outside every trial. Super stars shouldn't be let go just because they are millionaires. They should be brought to justice just like any other person. Too often lately justice isn't coming to the guilty. The system today is just not what it is supposed to be. Nothing is as it is said to be. There is so much going on within the system that I'm sure the people don't know about. Justice should not be this way. When this happens, the victims suffer.

So many victims don't get to see the criminals get justice.