What Justice Means to Me

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Imagine living in a world where someone could walk down the street or drive in his or her car and see a man walk up to a woman or child and hit them, then walk away without anyone saying or doing anything. Why kind of world would this be? What type of people would our children grow up to be?Justice is the idea behind how laws are to be enforced. Justice means that we as a country have the right to be protected and to be treated fairly by the law. If a person breaks the law or does something wrong in the eye of the law, than the justice system steps in to prove or disprove their innocence or guilt, fairly. What one perceives as justice, another may see as unjust; therefore laws are designed to ensure that all people regardless of race, age, and social status, receive the same fair punishment for a crime or process to prove their innocents.

Justice means deciding carefully and fairly whether someone actually has done wrong or committed a crime. The criminal justice system is responsible to ensure fair punishment to any person committed of a crime and to make sure that person pays for his or her crime. This means that the criminal justice system guarantees a person convicted of a crime will pay restitution and/or time spent in jail as his or her punishment. The punishment for a crime may even include death for a horrendous crime.

Morals, ethics, and the way a person is taught may vary. The belief that one should be sentence to life in prison or even death for a horrendous crime may not be everyone's idea of fairness. If we had no laws in place there is no telling how we would be living today.