Juvenile Offenders: Race and Ethnicity

Essay by spazosburn March 2008

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As we attempt to examine and look at offenders and the reasons why they continue to commit crimes, we have to take a longer look at the children who are behind the faces that we are looking upon. Just like our adult courts the juvenile justice system is not unfamiliar to racial differences within its confinement. In fact, in numerous ways children have been victimized by racial disparities throughout generations in the juvenile justice system. While exploring these and the decisions that have been made in the juvenile courts, take for example, to 'waive' a child into the adult court, and realizing that there may be other options in this particular area, can we better understand why these choices are in the best interests of the community instead of being in the best interests of the child.

Our present young generation has been described as contemptuous, inattentive with material acquisitions, and uninterested in artistic expression.

There is probably the PS-2 or that other babysitter X-Box that has taught them they need no grasp of life, and to continue to play games and ignore the rest of the world. Not gaining anything except which game they plan on asking their parents to buy for them next. When eventually their faced with the challenge of their peers asking them to either try drugs for the first time or do something that is life changing like breaking the law, one can only turn to the person(s) at the end of the day and look at whom is responsible for these children and their behavior, their parents. And what happens when they have a parent not parents and she have two jobs and another baby on the way with no one else standing by them? Or worse we have one that just doesn't care...