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Running Head: KAVA PROJECT

Kava Project

Carol Chea

University of Phoenix


Janisse L. Green

April 29, 2008


Decisions in Paradise 2

As stated earlier, SeyChe seeks to establish a greater presence on the island of Kava. Numerous challenges exist which must be overcome. A methodical approach must be used to achieve success in this endeavor. Before proceeding, all stakeholders must be identified. Stakeholders are defined as any individual or group of individuals who may be impacted by the actions of the company. These include internal and external, employees, customers, business associates and the surrounding community. Having identified who the stakeholders are, the next step is to analyze subsequent concerns which might be raised. It should be borne in mind that with any kind of change there will be some resistance.

Even though the change might be a positive and necessary one, opposition still remains, so stakeholder buy-in will be an integral part of the process.

Critical thinking becomes extremely relevant. The decision making model to be employed will encompass analytical as well as creative thinking techniques. The problem must be analyzed from all aspects. Differing scenarios have to be entertained. The pros and cons must be carefully weighed. The question, 'what if' should constantly arise. The decision making process is much more arduous under these circumstances. Under stress, one's ability to ascertain optional resolve to a problem reduces one's capacity to search for pertinent information to facilitate the decision making process (Goodpaster and Kirby, 2007, pg. 45-46). The decision maker in this case while employing the eight steps of critical thinking should understand that stakeholders will be assessing the company from emotional and negative viewpoints as well.