The Key To The Future Is In The Genes

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The Key To The Future Is In The Genes

Genetic engineering is a much argued about and controversial topic these days. Genetic engineering is the changing of our base make-up, DNA, which has unlimited medical research capabilities, healing possibilities, and can even stop the aging process. Genetic engineering should be allowed to be researched to the full extent capable, with the oversight of the government.

When you think of genetic engineering, you think of The Matrix, where humans are grown for a specific purpose. This is not true. Genetic engineering is the changing of your genetic makeup, for the purpose of creating immunities and curing genetic defects. By changing the genes in your white blood cells, you can create immunities to such viruses as HIV, Ebola, even the common cold. This small affect alone can increase life expectancy and help raise the quality of life. This technique can also be used to cure cancer, cystic fibrosis, Tay-Sach's Syndrome, and Down's syndrome.

The Human Genome Project is a genetic engineering project that is to map out all 23 pairs of human chromosomes. This project has an extreme impact in the scientific world. Mapping out all of the genes, the map of life itself, would mean a much greater understanding of the human body in general. Scientists could much better understand the human psyche and what creates the psychiatric abnormalities like bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia. This development could cure incurable diseases and finally help people to live without these horrible mental diseases.

Genes control every aspect of our body and how it works. These genes even control the aging process. Think about it. If there were no aging process, no one would get old! There is no magic bullet for death, however, but people could be able to live to 120 while...