"Killer Angels" written by Michael Shaara

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Killer Angels

Michael Shaara

Publishing Date: 1974

Pages: 355

The whole story of Killer Angels is about the Civil War. How the North and South fought against each other in one of the biggest battles in U.S. history The Battle of Gettysburg and many more. It begins when the Confederates are afraid that the Union soldiers are moving too close to their camp so they decide to move closer to a town called Gettysburg. The Union Colonel's were told that if anybody would not march with them that they have to be shot so that they won't go and work for the Confederates. The Union General John Buford gets to Gettysburg first so that they can establish the high ground first.

On July 1, 1863 Confederate forces begin to attack General Buford. Then Buford leads his men to fight on foot against the Confederate soldier that had begun to attack them.

The Confederates outnumber the Union soldier so Buford decides to try and fight against them as well as possible until General Reynolds comes and backs him up. Almost right away Reynolds is shot and killed so his men had to fight without him and Buford went around the other hills to make sure that there wasn't any more Confederates coming to help their friends. When Robert E. Lee shows up he tells General Heth that he needs to keep fighting against the Union soldiers but when he gets hurt he is out but eventually the confederates push the Union soldiers back to North of Cemetery Ridge, Cemetery Hill, and Culp's Hill. Then Lee tells the Confederates to keep pushing at the Unions and try to take over the hill if they were able to. Then Colonel Joshua L. Chamberlain's brother who is a new recruit is thinking that he...