Kinetic Hauntings

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This time I think my work has gone too far. For years I have been involved with psychic research, and by that I don't mean fortune telling. At the start of my research, I found that in our current stage of evolution we are not capable of learning how to manipulate any elements with our minds, although there are those special ones that have it naturally. Through them, my researchers and I isolated the various gene sequences that allowed some of these abilities to occur in nature. That meant that we could clone the abilities, but that would violate certain standards, and it would take too long for us to see the results. I devised another method of integrating them into psychic network in the brain. I invented the Neuro-Probe Psychic Implement, or NPPI for short. The device is implanted inside the brain, and then though biological drugs it manipulates certain brainwave patterns.

The drugs are injected with syringes into a neuro-port located on the shoulder, and from there they follow the blood stream into the brain. When under the influence, the person can control the EM forces that are in our environment. That means that psycho kinesis is now possible. The effect is very powerful. Depending on the dosage an average man can lift and control anything from a person to a small building, or even fly. This power can be used for great destruction. That's why I guarded it so closely, but there was deception from inside the project.

Dr. Gromin, who was my closest colleague, had sold out to the C.I.A., and had linked my research into the government's own program. Gormin had asked me to join them, but when I told him no he told me,"If you don't join we will be forced to terminate you. You have only 72 hours to make a decision" I arrived the next day at the lab. There were guards surrounding my facility, and they were ready to use lethal force. I tried to get in, but the guards wouldn't let me. Dr. Gormin then met me at the gate.

"Dr. Zenphre, have you made your decision?" I refused to answer him and left, but then I realized some secret service goons were following me. I had to get rid of them. I plugged the syringe of EM-J5 into my neuro-port and let the NPPI take control. In an instant I sent out a shockwave that threw the men at least twenty feet, and took off flying to my secret compound.

I was about half of the way there when, "WHACK!" I was hit by a shock wave and it sent me crashing into the ground. I was lucky enough to regain my composure before I hit the pavement below. Already having personal convictions about the project, I embedded some special features into the NPPI design plans. One was a black dot that would form on the implement user's chin, so I could identify a user. I was finally at my match.

I decided to get in and do some close contact fighting. I was a Jeet Kune Do champion, and with my added abilities from the implement I thought that it would prove most effective. I dodged the first man's punch and gouged his eyes while at the same time kicking his comrade in the head. They both returned with more force than I expected. I tried to do my best with blocking and dodging. I did slip a couple groin shots and blows to the kidneys, but these guys weren't slowing down. One caught me with a right jab to the face, and the other with a kick to my back. I just couldn't handle it. If I didn't do something quick it would all be over.

I then remembered that I made a self-destruct device imbedded within the NPPI. It could only be activated by a very high sound wave that only my implement had the capabilities of producing. In that instant a sound so high rocked though the mountainous terrain, cracking huge boulders, and breaking down trees. The bodies of my opposition exploded into oblivion.

When I finely got to my secret underground compound, I learned that terrorist had stolen some of the devices. Now the whole world is in danger. That's why I wrote this letter in the first place. I need your help, X. I don't know how long it will be until I am found, so I included the design plans and drug recipes. If I die I at least know that there is hope.