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Shakespeare's King Lear portrays one of the greatest morals to its tragic ending, yet it is very different to the other tragic plays written by Shakespeare. Lear's destruction is unlike any other characters such as in Macbeth or Hamlet where Macbeth's own ambition and Hamlet's procrastination have cost them their lives. In King Lear, Lear and other main important character's tragic flaw was that they only looked at the surface of the problems that came to them, oblivious of the fact they are being deceived by the ones closest to them. Their decisions are rash and misjudged and they put no effort into digging deep into the situations that they are faced with. It is not until they step into a deep hole, losing everything they have, that do they realize the truth. As they lose their authority and strength, they start to recognize who is truly loyal to them and the people they loved once change also becomes deceiving and treacherous.

It is also when they are alone in the harsh weather that they start caring for the people in the world that they never knew of. Therefore, being blind to reality, it is only the process of pain and suffering that they go through in order to achieve their insight of the world in King Lear.

The role authority in this play is very significant to leading characters such as King Lear and Gloucester to their downfalls. It is the power in Lear that blinded him to reality, resulting in poor decisions made already at the first scene where he enters the play. When someone has power, especially when being the king, every single person have to obey his rules even when they know that the choices he makes are not right and when...