King Richard I The Lionhearted

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During the ten-year reign of King Richard I the Lionhearted there were many wars and in those he was away fighting in the crusades most of the time with his allies but even though he was a great fighter he wasn't a great king.

Richard was the third son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitane. He was born on September 8 1157, at Beaumont Palace, Oxford, England. He acceded the throne on September 3 1189; he was crowned at Westminster Abbey, in London England. He died on April 6 1199, from a wound he received in a skirmish at the castle of Chalus in the Limousin in France. There is no data on the exact date he was buried but it was in 1199 in Fontevraud Abbey, France.

He was in many different battles but his passion was in fighting in the Crusades because he promised his father he would on his death bed and he felt it would finally make things right with his father.

He acted upon his promise to his father to join the third Crusade and left for the Holy Land in 1190 with one hundred thousand of his bravest subjects and met Phillip II on the plains of Vezelai and he also brought one hundred thousand of his bravest subjects.

On the way King Richard I conquered Cyprus in 1191. The two split their armies and took different routes to Sicily. They argued most of the way but settled their differences when Richard sent large payments of money to Phillip. After some months stay in Sicily, they again set forward, Richard on the way making himself master of Cyprus, and giving it to Guy of Lusignan. In Cyprus Richard married the Princess Berengaria of Navarre. He arrived at Acre early in June, which...