The Kiss

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The Kiss It was a beautiful summer day, as they walked out of the house Rachel asked, " Hey Katie, where are we walking to anyway?" Katie said, " To my friend Josh's house; him and a couple of other guys wanted to go with us to the drive in tonight. Is that okay?" "Yeah, sure… are any of them cute?!" Rachel asked playfully, then they both laughed. As they continued to walk they soon heard some bass playing from a black sunbird as it pulled up beside them on the side of the road. A tall, brown haired teenage boy opened the door and started talking to Katie, but Rachel wasn't listening to what they were saying for she was to busy gawking at the driver. He was a tall, blond haired guy, with the most beautiful shade of blue green eyes. As Rachel was still in a trance, memorized by the young man, she hadn't noticed that Katie had already started to get into the car then finally once Katie was in she yelled, "Come'on, get in Rachel!!" startled by her yelling she jumped and then quickly scrambled into the car a little embarrassed and hoping that no one had seen her staring at the young driver.

They drove around for a while listening to the loud music with the windows rolled down as the warm summer wind blew on their faces. Rob, (the driver) was doing fish tails as he sped down the naked roads. They were all laughing and having a great time as they pulled up to their friend Tad's house because they had heard that there was going to be a party there. They all piled into the house only to find that the party would not start until later that night. They all decided to just hang out there for a while because they had nothing else better to do. Rachel was sitting on one end of the couch and Rob was at the other end with Mike sitting in-between them. Rob leaned over so that he could see Rachel and said in a joking manner, "Hi, I'm Rob. Katie doesn't do a very good job of introducing people so I'll do it myself." Then he smiled. Rachel laughed and tried to say with a steady voice, "Yeah, I know. My name is Rachel." Rob held out his hand and Rachel melted as she grabbed it, they shook and then they laughed. Rachel was certain she was in love, as her palms started to sweat and her heart rate steadily increased, thinking of nothing else but how she wanted so desperately to get to know Rob better. Mike soon realized that he had forgotten his money at his house so they all got back into the car and went to Mike's house to pick up some money. Rob wanted to know if his parents were going to see a movie at the drive in too so we quickly stopped by his house, then as they all got back into the car Rob said, "Hey Rachel, do you wanna sit up front with me?!" Rachel quickly yelled back, "Sure!" and ran as fast as she could to the car so that no one else could steal her spot next to this gorgeous guy.

Then they drove off into the darkness of the falling evening. They soon came to the drive in and Josh yelled, "Wait! I don't have enough money!" Rachel tried to help by offering hers but they were still a couple dollars short, their solution…Rob said, "Get in the trunk!" Josh obediently scrambled into the crowded trunk, right before they came up next to the ticket booth. As they paid for the tickets Rob noticed that it wouldn't be a nice ride for Josh because there were a lot of speed bumps leading to where they were going. He gently drove the car over a couple of speed bumps, then Katie whispered, "Rob, stop the car really quick, and be quiet." Rob pulled the car over and they all stared at Katie thinking she had something important to say. But then she pulled down the back seat and there was Josh, asleep in the trunk and snoring! "Put up the seat, and watch this." Rob said in a quiet hush. As he sped up the car no one knew what he was up to then they all flew up off their seats almost knocking their heads on the ceiling of the car because of a speed bump that Rob had purposely ran over. They all watched excitedly as Katie opened up the back seat again but Josh was still asleep! Then they all started to laugh.

They soon found a good spot to park and Rob got out of the car with a blanket, and shut the car door behind him. Rachel turned around facing Katie and said, "I like Rob a lot, he's so cute, and he's really funny too!" "That's cool, he's a good guy. Better than all those other losers you go out with!" Katie said with a smile. "I wish he would've stayed in the car though, I was hoping that we could sit by each other." Rachel said in dismay. Then Rob poked his head inside the window and asked, "Does anyone want to lay down on this blanket out here with me? What about you Rachel, do you want to?" Rachel said with a huge smile, "Sure! I'll be right out!" Then Rob went and lay down. Rachel looked at Katie with a huge grin on her face and whispered, "Oh my gosh!! I'll see ya later!!" Then she jumped out of the car and ran over to the blanket where Rob was laying.

The movie started and Rob and Rachel were talking about anything that popped up in their heads. Rob asked, "So what kind of grades do you get? I usually get C's or sometimes D's. I don't like school very much." "Well," Rachel replied, "it really just depends on the class, but for the most part I get pretty good grades." They talked about family, school, cars, and Katie. It turned out that Rob liked Katie a lot for the longest time. When he told this to Rachel her heart was torn. She tried many times to change the subject but Rob just kept going on and on about Katie. What a jerk…he's not that cute anyway…his eyes are to far apart too… these are some of the things that were going through Rachel's mind when Rob was talking about Katie. Though Rachel knew she was just jealous now she tried acting like she was to good for Rob anyway. But as soon as Katie and Josh asked Rob if he could go get them some pop, and Rob asked Rachel if she wanted to walk with him to the concession stand she jumped at the offer. Rachel started criticizing Rob's clothes, saying he was to preppy. He replied, "What, would you rather me dress up in a big FUBU jersey like a black guy and try to act like I'm a thug or something?!" Rachel started to laugh hysterically, and Rob was trying to figure out what it was that was so humorous about what he had just said. "What?! What's so funny?!" he demanded. Rachel couldn't say a word because she was laughing to hard so she just simply turned Rob around and pointed at the person ahead of them in the line. There, standing not even a foot away from them, was a huge, muscular looking African American man wearing a FUBU jersey. Rob slowly turned back around.

On their way back to the car Rachel was still laughing and making jokes about how stupid that was, while Rob was turning around every 5 seconds to make sure that no one was behind him. Once they were at the car they told everyone what had happened and then Rob and Rachel laid back down on the blanket outside and started talking again. Then Rob put his arm around Rachel and pulled her forward close to him and he kissed her. She was happy but confused at the same time she thought he liked Katie. So she asked him about it, he said, "I use to like Katie, but you're so much more better. You're perfect." After that sentence, they both knew they were meant for each other.