The korean war.

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1.The Korean War, which started on the 25th of June, 1950, has been described as the bloodiest war in history. Starting of as a dispute over land between North Korea and South Korea, it slowly expanded into a full blown war involving other countries such as the Soviet Union, United States of America and China. Although most of the fighting took place on Korean soil, there were also battles taking place in the air, as well as battles in other countries. After 1346 days of fighting and bloodshed, an armistice agreement between the two sides was signed. However, a permanent peace treaty has never been signed.

2. Causes and Lead-up to the War

The main cause of the Korean War started with the division of Korean land. When they had been divided into two separate colonies, the problems began to arise.

2.1 Division of Land From 1910 to 1945, Korea was a Japanese colony.

When the Soviet Union and the United States defeated Japan in WW2, they divided the Korean Peninsula. The United States made the decision that it would occupy the southern half of Korea. The U.S. government did so out of fear that the Soviet Union would take control of the entire Korea Peninsula. America chose to divide Korea at the 38th parallel because it would keep the capital city, Seoul, in the American-occupied southern zone; the Soviet Union agreed to the division.

2.2 Building Organizations Both the Soviet Union and the United States proceeded, with much help from Koreans, to build organizations in their halves of Korea that supported their interests. In 1947, the United Nations declared that elections would be held throughout Korea to choose one type of government for the whole country to live by. The Soviet Union wouldn't permit elections in their...