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LTC Design Pro is a full service web development company that will provide consultation and design services for small to medium sized businesses. LTC Design Pro services will also include hosting and promotion of the website. LTC Design Pro's slogan will be “Web Design Your Way”.

The issues facing a new firm startup include the following: promotion of services, creation of the company website, partnering with a hosting company, and finding an office with enough space to conduct day to day business operations. The first step in the firm startup plan will be the creation of the company website. On the website LTC Design Pro can include a portfolio of sample sites that have been individually created for previous and current clients. It is comforting for a prospective customer to see work that the company has already done.

The LTC Design Pro staff will each be responsible for promoting the company and its services.

Each employee is responsible for business development. The initial plan is to network with our contacts, and sell ourself by word of mouth, and then through business cards and an advertising/marketing plan. The LTC Design Pro staff will each be responsible for five telephone calls or personal visits per day to local merchantsm in an attempt to help them increase their web presence. The LTC Design Pro staff will also each do research on hosting companies, and compare the pros and cons of each to narrow the field down to three suitable candidate companies for LTC to partner with. LTC Design Pro will then negotiate pricing and make the final selection. In similar fashion, the staff will each be responsible for finding one or two potential office locations. These candidates will then be narrowed down to three location. LTC will then negotiate the leasing contract to...