Lachlan Macquarie should have the honour of being called the "founder of the colony in N.S.W".

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There are many people who could be called the "second founder of the colony in N.S.W" to see who should be given the privelage of having this name we must find out what characteristics the second founder should require. In this essay the second founder requires these attributes leadership skills, foresight, good communicator, and decisive. This essay's information points towards that Lachlan Macquarie should have the honour of being called the "founder of the colony in N.S.W".

As soon as Macquarie came to govern Australia in 1810 he exterminated the N.S.W. corps (rum corps) because he brought his own highlanders. This ended the rum corps destruction of the farmers. The farmers were now allowed to sell their crops to the other people who lived in the colony for the right price and not some insignificant amount of rum. The N.S.W corps made convicts work on land instead of working on others farmers land for pay and they would take farmers land and either keep it for themselves or sell it back for a higher price.

When Macquarie came to Sydney he wanted to make the appearance of the colony more acceptable. With the roads he straightened them, renamed them, and widened them. Macquarie's hobby was road building and he even wrote to Lord Castlereagh saying, "making permanent roads and bridges is one of the first steps towards improving a new country". So he did, he built a turnpike road leading to Paramatta made with stone, a gravel surface and a ditch along each side that was completed by November 1810. A few years later he extended the road to Hawksbury. When Macquarie left in 1821 he had completed almost 500 km of good roads.

When Macquarie left the colony was mainly a convict and ex-convict settlement. Macquarie trained the ex-convicts...