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Wednesday 13 April, 1789

Dear diary,

Scotland has won. I am ever so proud of my birth ground. My dearest beloved, Macbeth you have also honoured your great and respectful land and even more myself. Glamis you are already, and Cawdor as well, and you shall be what you were promised by these weird sisters that hailed you "King of Scotland!" It is such a glorious saying as I speak it with the full of my tongue. And if my lord were to be King then I would be Queen and the uttermost power would come within me, as people bow down as I walk through the lands of my kingdom. I could have any piece of fine cut jewels, and the most wondrous clothes and I will not have to take order of any man uprising. Hail Lady Macbeth, Queen of Scotland. Yet it does have a good ring to it.

But to get this power is a mind boggler, what would these weird sisters have to predict for Macbeth to be King, and further more me to be Queen? It might bring about me to do some unquestionable things, and my nature is not of this cruelness, I am too humble and kind hearted and would never do this horrible abomination to my pride. Although this would mean everything to me, us this would mean everything to us and the sky would be boundary for all of the power we shall hold and all in our disposal.

The present King of Scotland is to stay here at Glamis, tonight, and with the dark spirits of this world to help me. I cast the wickedness and treachery inside but I shall show no evidence on the out. My dearest is to help me with the deed; he...