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Monologue: Macbeth

Lady Macbeth: Sleep dear Macbeth for you need your rest, I do not know what the lords will think of us if you do not get well soon. What I am to think if you do not overcome these demons tormenting your soul, it is as if you are fighting a battle between good and evil that only you can see. I can't help but worrying about your declining mental state and just wish to support you through this, it pains me to see you in such a way. It intrigues me why you fall to pieces here, when on the battlefield you command your army with unflinching valour. You can murder without flinching and feel no regret afterwards, the sign of a true man. Surely blood would be spilt on the battlefield, and I can not comprehend how a courageous gallant man can become distraught over a few drops of blood on his hands.

Could it be that I drove Macbeth to madness? Did I put too much pressure on him to murder King Duncan? Was it out of line to threaten his manhood when he was unsure of the necessary actions to lead us to our rightful position? I was just trying to nudge him in the direction, one that I know we both wanted but surely a true man would not need my assistance, in these matters anyway. It is strange how I, a woman, am needed to be the strength in this murder and even though I proved myself to be the more masculine one I still get treated as if I could never amount to anything more than a dutiful wife. Is it wrong for a wife to possess ambitions and desires like a man? I know I will never be...