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Comm102 Film Reflection

Communication is one of the most important aspects of survival. Without communication, humanity would cease to exist. Within speaking comes many forms of relaying perspective, and coming to common grounds while communicating. These include: Perspective, negotiation, and shared narratives. Movie Lars and The Real Girl is about a man who is socially awkward obtaining a "sex doll" as a companion, but for communicating rather than initial purpose. The movie gives many examples of communicating in relation to perspective, negotiation, and shared narratives.

Perspective means seeing from different views depending on various factors. No two perspectives are the same for two people no matter if cultural diversity and morals are the same or opposite. In Lars and The Real Girl, there are many perspectives on what the doll (named Bianca), is and what Lars does with her. One perspective is Lars who obviously believes Bianca has true emotional feelings and personalities claiming things such as; she doesn't speak much English, she is religious, and they met on the internet. From his perspective, she is a functioning person who sees interest in him. On the flip side, his brother sees Lars' relationship with Bianca a cry for psychological help. The wife of Lars' brother sees it for a cry for attention, and believes they need to go along in order to help Lars emotionally. The town also sees the new relationship rather strange and humorous with different examples from asking if she is flexible to uncertainty of giving her a welcome basket. However, all perspective eventually change in order to better communicate with Lars.

Textbook definition of negotiation is "making sense that occurs between and among people as they influence perception". So in other words it basically means to agree to disagree. For example at...