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PERSONALITY I was reading an article about personality in the book "The Forty Studies That Changed Psychology." This article is talking about how to predict human behavior and how behavior is influenced. Research on personality seeks to reveal those human characteristics that make each person unique and to determine where those characteristics came from. In this article, when behavior scientists speak of personality, they are usually referring to qualities that are relatively stable across situations and consistent over time. It is farther explaining ways to identify human behavior by a form of testing created by Rotter. It discusses research that found differences in how people view the location of power in their lives. Some believe that their lives are controlled by external factors, such as fate, while others feel the control is internal, in their own hands. This quality of externality vs. internality has been shown to be a consistent and important factoring who you are.

The article is very interesting to me. I pick it because I like to learn something about human behavior and it talks about it. It explains something that I have thought once in a while. Sometime I wonder how human behave, and what kind of influences that make them behave in a certain way. This article has explained something about it and it is very similar to what I have thought.

Researchers have shown that there are ways to tell how human behave the way they are. Through research, they have found that there are two groups of people on this world. One group of people believes in an internal location of control power and another group of people believes in an external location of control power. Group of people who believe in an internal location of control power are those who interpret their...