The Last Vampire 3: Red Dice

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Title: The Last Vampire 3: RED DICE Author: Christopher Pike Publisher: Pocket books Copyright: 1995 1.) The basic time period was in the "90's". The general location was in the Nevada Desert and in Los Vegas.

2.) The person I am going to describe to you is a woman and her name is Sita. She has blond hair and is young looking. Her age is 5,000 she is a vampire immortal. She has a wild personality. She leaps tall buildings in a single bound, she blows up area 51, and kills a lot of people.

3.) What happens in the story is Sita makes her friend Joel a Vampire. The cops come and chase her around a city and she steals a helicopter. The helicopter gets blown up and they jump in a lake. The F.B,I catches Joel but not Sita they think she is dead, But she escapes and follows them.

They take Joel to Area 51 and Sita sees she can't break in, so she goes and waits for someone to go out of the base. She follows the person and tries to make friends with him at a casino, she does and then she rents a hotel room, she becomes such good friends with him that he sneaks her into the base. She goes into Joel's cell but it is a trap. So she puts thoughts into the guard's minds and into the captain's mind and the captain opens the door and she kills a lot of people, she catches the captain and makes him arm an atom bomb and at the last minute Sita flies away. That is the end of the story.