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Considered objectively, despite its "Marxist" and "communist" airs, the socialism of the Latin American "left" has, in reality, a bourgeois-democratic orientation. From the outset it has been the ideological head of a simple bourgeois nationalist/reformist movement adorned with a socialist phraseology. Despite the unwary who have ended up seduced by their verbal radicalism, the current Left governments of the world are carrying out what, until now, the right have only dared to dream. Today it has been made clear that the only point which differentiates right and left resides in the political ritual and the rhetoric used to manipulate the masses. To end the devastation of world capitalism and open the way to a system where only the proletariat holds the reins of power, the class struggle must be organised on an international scale and subject to the regulatory idea of the communist programme. It may then be possible to realise the suppression of the present mode of production, which is based on exploitation and profit, by laying the base for production and distribution to be carried out according to society's needs and the growing expansion of material and cultural wealth to be attained through social and technological forms which do not endanger the biological balances of survival.

The current Left has not only shown itself incapable of carrying out this gigantic historic task, but increasingly declares itself openly hostile to it.

Regardless of having passed through a phase of direct armed struggle during the period of the cold war, the Left, together with all those instruments and organisations included in its strategy, has ended up acting in convergence with the other political formations of capitalism, to the point of practically dissolving itself in capital's totalitarian hegemony. Even when it adapts itself to specific local conditions, today the political farce...