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Since I was young languages have fascinated me, so much so that after graduating with a bachelor's degree in Philosophy from San Diego State University in 2002, I decided that before making a decision about my career path, I would make an aim to learn some languages and travel.

I enrolled in some entry level language course in French, German and Russian and took a job as in English development teacher for adults learning English. I moved to Moscow, Russia in 2003, and continued to study French and Russian. Additionally, I traveled widely in Western Europe.

After traveling abroad, visiting different countries gave me a deep appreciation for language and culture, I also realized that I wanted to continue using my language skills professionally when I returned home and began my career from my own home.

After a year, in 2001, I started working for a private inventor known as the Cargo Catch, a new invention for managing cargo in the back of pickup trucks (

My linguistic skills paid off when I was hired to work as a part-time translator with manufactures in Mexico. In 2004 I started working for a private inventor the Cargo Catch, a new invention for managing cargo in the back of pickup trucks. Initially, I was hired to use my fluency in Spanish as a part-time translator working with manufacturers in Mexico. I realized that this meticulous product had some potential to become profitable and I volunteered to expand my responsibility and helped transform Graham Solutions from manufacturing and selling its only product, the Cargo Catch, to quite an extent and helped develop the company into a medium sized product development, marketing, and sales company for aftermarket automobile products.

After my professional experience, I soon realized the multiple magnitude of law in the business...