Layout Planning in a Small Business in Service Industry (Florist Shop)

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Executive Summary

The florist outlet is a floral decorators (service) that is why it can be considered as more of a service organization than a manufacturing one.

Cut flower harvesting is gaining popularity in Pakistan. This sector is attracting not just men but a lot of women into this business as well.

Although a cut flower farm is a profitable and attractive venture, the grower is still not rewarded properly in financial terms for his/her work. Either the middleman or the shopkeepers make the profit. Shopkeepers enjoy the maximum margin.

This report was prepared to provide general information about the management of operations at a flower outlet, for the reader.

Most outlets are usually found at busy locations in the city. To support the outlet a constant supply of roses and other flowers is required throughout the year.

Roses and other flowers are the inventories, as rose is the major selling flower.

Plants are available from local nurseries. Once they reach the retail outlet, they are stored in refrigerators, freezers, and ice boxes. In this way, the flowers can be kept fresh for a longer span of time.

Flowers are perishable products with a limited life span. Even if they are treated with life enhancing solution, their life is limited. If they are not sold in time they loose appeal and have to be dumped, resulting in economic loss.

Another possible threat is the attack of certain diseases on the flower fields. Though pesticides are sprayed regularly, yet there is always a chance of their attack. This could cause considerable and/or detrimental damage.

A distant threat could be the lack of demand either due to excessive supply or change in fashion. But this is too distant and remote to stop anyone from going for this project.

Chapter #1. Introduction and...