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Leaders are an individual who influences a group of people towards the achievement of a specific goal. There are numerous leaders who have made remarkable contributions to make the world a better place to live with their leadership quality. For decades, several approaches have been forwarded over how one become a successful leader to find out whether leadership ability are innate or surroundings plays crucial role in shaping the characteristics of them. However, human are born with certain genetic predisposition but that is not responsible to foster the leadership qualities as leaders are made through their intelligence, motivation and experience.

To begin with, intelligence is a prime factor that is very essential to be in the position of the leader. At the time of birth human mind is like a blank sheet of paper. In the growth process, human mind fill up with education and knowledge which contribute to be intelligence.

It takes long way where one should cope with several struggle to become a leader. Simply intelligence people are supposed to overcome the challenges and maintain themselves as a leader. Intelligence is not inbred features but this enhance through the developmental process. According to Sykes and frydenberg (2006), "intelligence is a significant factor to get succeed, talent in a person arrive to consummation with support of teachers, mentors and coaches." Genius student are tend to be leader from very early age because they have more capacity than other student .There sense of humour are charismatic too. For instance, Mahatma Gandhi was become a leader making India independent from British by non-violence through his intelligence. Hence, only clever human are find holding leader status.

Motivation is a goal-oriented feature that assists a person to achieve his objective. To become leaders, motivation plays vital role. As it helps to gain knowledge,