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Abigail Adams, an active letter writer, early feminist, and patriot, was an inspiring leader who used her intelligence and wit to open the doors for many significant things to come. Her accomplishments as a leader will never be forgotten and are very well respected. Every historical figure can be evaluated in different ways, using different criteria; but most people will agree that Abigail Adams contributed greatly to history, in providing both documentation and leadership.

In assessing a leader, their use of determination can help prove if they are average or superior. Determination is firmness in purpose and having a fixed intention. Individuals who are determined are motivated and can get things done under any circumstance; being able to do that is crucial to being an effective leader. An example of a determined leader would be George Washington. During the Revolutionary War he took on the role of commanding the continental army; when things were looking bleak his determination led him to make a decision to lead a surprise attack, which was a major turning point in the war.

Even though things were tough, he did not give up or let his objective slip away. Another leader who illustrates success fueled by determination was Thurgood Marshall. His willpower helped in many ways; he won 29 of the 32 cases he argued in front of the Supreme Court. Because he was black, he encountered many problems that he had to overcome by determination on his way to becoming a Supreme Court Justice. His accomplishments showed that determination prevailed during his entire life .

Determination was also prevalent all throughout Abigail Adams' life. She was very determined to share her opinion and supported it well. When she wrote letters to her friends and family she discussed her beliefs and shared her...