The league of nations.

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The League of Nations managed to keep a lot of items going and introduced co-operation between countries in the 1920's

In my opinion the League of Nations was a success I will discuss my reasons in this essay.The aims of the League of Nations were to discourage aggression, to encourage co-operation, disarmament and to improve working conditions for everyone in the world.

The League of Nations was set up because after the First World War everyone wanted to avoid war happening again, they all agreed that an organisation which could sort every countries problems out would be a good idea. Countries looked to the league to bring stability.

The first problem I am to discuss is the fact that the strongest country America wasn't in the league which is a shock considering it was the president of that country came up with the idea of the league! One major problem in America was that they didn't want to get dragged into everyone else's war like they had in the First World War. The remaining strongest countries left in the league were Britain, France, Italy and Japan. Another problem arose. Britain and France had been weakened from the 1st world war and were not the countries they once used to be. Most countries thought that America were going to join, but they didn't leaving people shocked. They felt that America would keep it together.

Another problem that the league often had to face was border disputes where countries would send troops into their neighbouring country and try to take it over. It was especially hard when they had to settle a problem between two countries and they were both in the league because someone was bound to get upset. For example the Vilna incident in 1920. Lithuania was mainly...