Prosper or Perish? The Fate of the United Nations Post Iraq 2003.

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Prosper or Perish? The Fate of the United Nations Post Iraq 2003.

This thesis explores the possible implications that the US-led war on Iraq (2003) may have had upon the future ability of the United Nations to maintain international peace. It is proposed that in wake of a war which was not officially approved by the UN, the decision of the US to 'go it alone' highlights a weakness of the organisation when faced with a determined, self-interested powerful state. The project shall predominately take on the epistemology of the realist tradition for assisting the exploration of this study, which shall provide the most accurate position from which to consider the question; prosper or perish? The fate of the United Nations post Iraq 2003.

Despite the full support from 35 countries around the globe, the US-led invasion of Iraq ensued without the formal approval of the United Nations. In light of the United States actions, speculation about the possible damage to the authority and credibility of the UN has canvassed many political debates in wake of President George W. Bush announcement that war on Iraq had commenced on March 20th 2003.

France's announcement that she was to use her veto to block any UN resolution authorising war against Iraq created serious diplomatic feuds between nations. Moreover, France's use of her veto prevented the United Nations from officially consenting to the war on Iraq. Indeed, for the United States and her coalition to wage a war against Iraq without the blessing of the UN, there must surely raise a whole host of issues concerning the credibility of the United Nations and its future proficiency as an organisation for the maintenance of international peace and security.

I propose that my dissertation shall take precedence with these areas of concern that now...