Legalization of marijuana.

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In my opinion the legalization of marijuana would be a good thing. Marijuana becoming legal has been a controversial topic for years. Many people have the stereotype that marijuana is the gateway drug which means in time the person will anniciate the use of harsher drugs such as heroin or cocaine. However, this stereotype has never been proven true. In fact, marijuana has been proven to alleviate the side effects of debilitating diseases like cancer and Aids; unlike legal drugs such as cigarettes and alcohol which cause debilitating diseases, addiction, and in many cases death. According to the National institute of drug abuse the majority of marijuana smokers do not become dependent on marijuana. Contrary to this, millions of Americans are addicted to nicotine every year; not to mention alcoholism itself is considered a disease. The Libertarian party, whose members believe that as long as it's controlled and used responsibly, the legalization of marijuana would ultimately lead to a lower crime rate in America.

The Libertarians have just cause and reason to be against prohibition. America attempted prohibition of alcohol in the 1920's, this violation of civil rights led to organized crime, death, and criminals buying off law enforcement and judges. Criminal gangs were out of the liquor business when the American people saw what prohibition was doing to them and the economy. When you prohibit an accepted drug such as marijuana, in which approximately 40 million Americans are occasional peaceful users a black market is eventually created. In conclusion, a black market leads to higher prices, and oppurtunity for large profits. This ultimately leads to; criminal gangs, deaths of innocent people, a poor economy, crooked law officers, and a corrupt justice system in which our country was founded. For the above reasons and many others it is my viewpoint...