The Legalization of Marijuana.

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Legalization of Marijuana

America should not acknowledge requests for the legalization of marijuana. Marijuana being one of today's most commonly used drug, its legalization would cause serious damage to the economy of the United States. Although there are several benefits, I believe that mostly chaos would come from the acceptance of these demands.

Those for the legalization of marijuana feel that they have a right to make their own decisions so long as the action does not affect others in a harmful manner. In many situations, not only those who would smoke marijuana end up developing lung cancer or other various results of smoking, but also those around them could become diseased due to second hand smoke. Everyone is entitled to exercise their free will, but will it be at the cost of innocent lives?

People may think that this is just a mere possibility, but the fact that it is a possibility still means that lives will be at stake.

Not only will the inhalation of marijuana risk killing someone, it will also begin the negative change of a person's normal behavior. Thus, the very well being of the people depends on whether or not this drug is made legal. This poses a major threat to the arguments of the opposition.

Another important thing to consider is our country's youth. Bad influence from friends maybe already using could lead to many kids becoming dealers or maybe even users themselves. Each new generation could and most likely will be negatively affected by marijuana if it is to become legal. America would begin to be overrun by criminal acts and death. Because of the fact that marijuana makes you dumb, more and more kids would drop out of school and their opportunity at a good career would go down the...