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Should Marijuana be Legalized? Marijuana is illegal in most countries, and continues to be a debate in the United States over whether it is significant in the use for medicinal purposes. Marijuana, particularly, seems uniquely useful in easing the side effects of cancer and AIDS patients. As you read on you will see reasons why marijuana should be legalized based on its helpful uses such as it lowers the use of harder drugs and has harmless side effects.

Marijuana is "Dried flower clusters and leaves of the hemp plant which are used to induce euphoria" (Merriam-Webster, 711).

The side effects of marijuana are not detrimental to a person's body. It has only been proven to cause short-term memory loss while a person is under the influence. People claim positive side effects of smoking marijuana, those being that one can sleep peacefully, awaken calmer and awaken with a clear head.

In the 1970's the Dutch legalized marijuana and since then there has been a decrease in the use of hard drugs as well as a decrease in drug crimes. This fact shows that legalized marijuana will help protect children from being driven to the harder drugs such as LSD, cocaine and ecstasy as well as protect them from drug crimes.

There has been a study done on the effects of marijuana regarding HIV patients.

"It concluded that marijuana eases the physical pain and it will not deter the effect of the patients prescribed medicines" (Cowan,

A second reason to legalize marijuana is that within the last few years there were positive uses found for medicinal purposes. Supporting this fact is that it relieves cancer patients of tense muscles. This treatment is being used right now in the state of California. The FDA allows codeine and morphine to be used...