Legalizing Marijuana

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Over many years, drugs have been a major problem in the United States. Hundred of millions of dollars have been spent trying to fight against the making, selling, and using of drugs. Even more money has been spent trying to rehabilitate the drug addicts, but the problems with drugs still exist. One of the many problems caused by drugs is the over crowding of prisons. Although, drugs are known to cause serious health problems, this shouldn't prevent the sale and use of drugs to be unlawful. The legalization of drugs can boost the money in the economy, lessen crimes in the United States, and should also be the person's personal choice to do drugs. After considering all of these reasons, the selling and distribution of drugs should be legalized in the United States.

First of all, it would help the economy by putting more money in it.

Although, the addiction caused by the constant use of drugs can cause a person to buy more to meet their body's demand, this is still a positive step in helping the economy. If drugs were to be legalized, people will start to buy drugs more because they wouldn't have to worry about it being a criminal act that comes with consequences such as imprisonment. Also, the government can place high taxes on the sale of drugs, which they are doing on the sales of cigarettes and tobacco related products. In addition, it would create more jobs for people, because big corporation can legally make and distribute the drugs to the citizens of the United States.

Secondly, the legalization of drugs will lessen crimes in the United States. Even though the constant use of drugs often lead to serious health problems, the death rate of drug deals gone bad...