Legalizing the Possession and Use of Marijuana

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Legalizing the Possession and Use of Marijuana

Chris Schneider

Saginaw Valley State University

Prof. Jaksa

CJ 301


Whether or not to legalize the use of the popular Marijuana plant has been an issue up for debate for many years. As time goes on, the use of this substance is becoming more and more accepted. Research has found that it may aid in therapeutic ways for patients, gaining respect with the medical world, while also claiming the attention of politicians, and the everyday citizen. Marijuana is consumed worldwide by an estimated 200,000,000 people; with these numbers, it is only logical to put into motion a further review of making this substance legal. This paper will identify and explain the controversial issue of legalizing marijuana, point out the supportive and detractive issues on the topic, as well as give my personal opinion and justification on the matter.

Marijuana has been around for a numerous amount of years. Not only has billions of dollars been spent in getting this illicit drug, but even more has been invested in taking this drug off the street, along with those who part take in its consumption. An issue that has been addressed and greatly debated amongst our nation and criminal justice system is whether or not to legalize it. It would no doubly be a product that greatly sells, resulting in a much needed economic surplus, but would this be in sacrifice of the public's health and safety? Health and safety alone is a key reason as to why the use of marijuana has been strictly prohibited, despite the fact that clearance has been given to those who need it for medical reason; which hadn't even been allowed until recently. Whether it is desired for medical usage or for...