Lesson plan literacy: Newspaper unit

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ESI487 Assignment 3

Unit title: Text types

Host content areas: Literacy Understandings: How do we communicate for different purposes and audiences?

Teacher: Mr Van Raay How are texts constructed for particular effects?

Year Level: Grade 5

Standard 3-4

Stages 7-11



Resources, preparation

Sequence of activities


Ongoing assessment

Strategies and skills

Week 1

To determine students current knowledge and understanding.

Handout 1/ newspapers; enough for one between two (same every Monday).

Handout 2/ scavenger hunt.

Handout 3/ A Newspaper Article (appendix 1).

Cardboard for display

Every Monday students will share a copy of the newspaper marking interesting, unusual, amazing, horrible, sad, funny etc things they come across. Discuss what they have read and found interesting.


Conduct a Newspaper Scavenger Hunt. Activity 3.

Have the students list from their discovery, the parts of the newspaper, (i.e. - sports, comics, movie guide, business articles, weather, stock market report, crossword puzzle, TV guide, political column, advertisements, real estate ads, classified ads, photos, etc.) Discuss the feature of the newspaper as a group. Why is sport on the back page?

Introduce the topic of the newspaper by formulating a K-W-L chart on the whiteboard. In groups of four ask students' to brainstorm ideas about what they know about a newspaper and formulate their own group K-W-L chart for display. What is it used for? Where do you get it? What is its benefit/disadvantage? Who writes it? Where and how? Why buy one? Make a list of things you might find in a newspaper. Class discussion.

Pairs then class discussion.






Working in teams



Being literate





Classroom display. Get some large display posters from the newsagents. On a sheet of cardboard have students do a display on Newspapers. See appendix 2 for...