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It begins with the dramatic line "Everybody hates me." The author then proceeds to take us on a journey written in the first person from the point-of-view of Tao Symonds, the eleven year old narrator and central character, as he reflects on the previous few months of his life. Tao thinks the whole world is against him. He is suffering pressure from school, his parents and their new partners, as well as from his peers to join in theirescapades and to top it all off, his dog has died. Tao feels confused and angry because his parents, middle aged surfer father, Greg, and his mother, a teacher called Christine, are in the process of a break-up. Tao then lists his troubles and tells the reader of his present dread as he is taken by his mother to meet Mr. Petrovic, a Croatian immigrant, to apologize for something he says is not his fault, at least not entirely his fault.

Through the use of past and present tense, Colin Bowles complicates the plot telling us in Tao's view how it all started.

Tao and his friends, Matt and Bluey, are kicking a football in the street when it goes into the front yard of Mr. Petrovic. Matt sends Bluey to get it. Mr. Petrovic sees him and shouts at him so the boys all flee. Over the course of several weeks, Matt leads Tao and Bluey in harassing Mr. Petrovic due to Matt's insistence that he has to "…be Got Back"( Bowles, 1997, p.8). They turn off the water when he is in the shower, arrange for a load of firewood to be dumped in his driveway and ride their skateboards through his rose garden before Matt and Bluey use scissors to vandalise Mr Petrovic's rose garden. Against his better judgment,