Lessons learnt from Citibank

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Lessons learnt from CitiBank may be applied as listed below:

Management support a prerequisite

We can deduce that, Citibank's reengineering of its call centre process was a runaway success. After an 8 month research period weighing up the benefits of Sydney against several other cities in the Asia/Pacific region, The fact that Citicorp committed a substantial seven figure investment in the Sydney call centre proves that senior management was backing the reengineering effort.

Well defined project structure with continuous improvement

It can be critically said that Citibank have come a long way in a short time. The commitment to effective change remains the same as the arsenal of tools and approaches expands. If Citibank repeats its BPR successes then they will achieve their goals and more in the future. By constantly identifying processed to reengineer, Citibank is America's largest bank in total assets, enjoys the largest global presence of any bank, with offices in more than 93 countries.

We can say that Citibank's project structure is well defined with continuous improvement as the final agenda to provide performance measurement, fine tune new processes and to adopt Total Quality Management.

Focus on business processes

We can infer that the secret of Citibank's motivation for reengineering is simply not sticking with the old standard of 'Here's what we provide," but rather "to continue to look at the big process of what customers want." To achieve this, Citibank does not take for granted their business processes but studies them carefully.

Strategy for reducing barricades to BPR

Based on our analysis, getting people to accept the idea that their work lives and their jobs will undergo radical change, which may sound merciless, is not a war won in a single battle. We deduce that business process reengineering is more of an educational and communication...