A Letter to Boxer (CA) Suggesting Why Medical Marijuana Should be Illegal. Written in block formation and limited to a page typed size 8 font.

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142 Patricia Dr.

Atherton, California 94027

November 2, 2004

Senator Barbara Boxer

1700 Montgomery Street, Suite 240

San Francisco, CA 94111

Dear Senator Barbara Boxer:

I am writing to you about why smoking "medical" marijuana should be illegal. In short, there are safer and more effective drugs on the market that lack the safety and health risks associated with smoked marijuana.

Anyone who has conducted research about smoking "medical" marijuana is already aware that there is a safer form of the dangerous drug available to the public, which has been FDA approved, called Marinol. Patients who smoke marijuana are not able to administer the proper dosage of the drug to properly aid their illness. On top of that, smoke marijuana contains over 400 dangerous chemicals , all which over time destroy and kill the body. It also harms memory, creates lung problems, and can ultimately cause cancer in users.

People who use marijuana on a regular basis may loose interest in their job, schooling, or social activities and may even become dependent on the drug. For this reason, smoking "medical" marijuana posses a threat to the patient's life. Marinol has all the benefits of smoked marijuana, and it can be monitored and safely prescribed by pharmacists. The Mayo Clinic in a recent study proved that THC, a dangerous, yet common element in smoked marijuana was less efficient than the standard treatments in assisting cancer patients recover their lost appetite. The Institute of Medicine also conducted research and concluded that there was little medical value that smoked marijuana had to offer as a medically approved drug. Finally, if marijuana is legalized, where will the boundaries be drawn? People will want to legalize other drugs as well. Smoking "medical" marijuana should not be legalized because a legal and safer form of...