A letter written to Anigone from Ismene trying to talk her out of burying their brother

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Dear Antigone,

I write to you because I am concerned about your intention to bury Polynices. When you came to me and requested that I assist you in this criminal endeavor I was flabbergasted that you would even think to defy King Creon. In my opinion it is a foolhardy idea. I understand why you may feel compelled to give our brother a proper burial. I loved Polynices as much as you; however, if you continue with this imprudent plan you will surely face dire consequences.

Creon has strictly forbidden anyone to touch the body of our brother. You must put aside your personal feelings for him and obey our king. Creon has said that anyone who touches Polynices's body will be stoned to death. Polynices is dead and gone, but Antigone you are alive and have a great life ahead of you.

You are betrothed to Haemon.

Soon the two of you will be husband and wife and start a family of your own. Polynices would not want you to miss out on that opportunity because of him.

My last reason for trying to talk you out of giving our brother a proper burial is not an altruistic one. Antigone, I do not know what I would do if anything were to happen to you. If you were to get caught and Creon sentenced you to death my life would be meaningless. Our two brothers and our parents are gone. My dear sister, you are all that I have left.

Antigone, I beg you to reconsider burying Polynices. Do not jeopardize your own life for someone dead and gone. Ponder the pros and cons of the situation and hopefully you will realize, as I have, that it is best to leave the fate...