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1) I think Levi's should create a brand for discount stores such as Walmart, Target, Meijers, Kohls, or any other of these big chain retailers. Stores like these already sell numbers of different brands as it is. If Levi's were losing market share and billion's of dollars, it wouldn't hurt to try anything at this point. Stores like these seem to do successful in all of their products they sell. It is simply shown on how big and how many of those stores are being built all over the world all the time. The biggest advantage that I see in placing Levi product in stores like these is simply the flow of customers. Today's society is lazy. It is easy for people to do all of their shopping at a Super Walmart than to go to five different stops to do their shopping. Another advantage would include that Levi's could even put a number of different types of their jeans out on the line and test to see what is and what isn't selling.

From these results, they may be able to target their markets a little bit easier and move product.

On the other hand, there can be disadvantages as well. The first one that comes to mind is clutter. In stores like these, there is such a wide selection of different brands, discounts, and other deals that may drive the customer in the opposite direction. If Levi were going to start positioning their product in these stores, they will have to do something to stand out from the rest of the clutter of other competitors. Another disadvantage is like the Wet Seal VP said - many people just will not go to places like these to get their cloths. If Levi's were going to create a brand for...