Lewis And Clark

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The book, which I read, is titled Lewis and Clark. It describes the journeys and expeditions of Meriweather Lewis and William Clark, two explorers. They were commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson to explore the newly purchased western territory of the United States. The book describes all the places visited in their transcontinental exploration.

The author of this book, Robert G. Ferris is showing how much of an impact Lewis and Clark's expedition had on the modern day size of the United States of America. He is showing that through their map drawing, trail marking, and site surveying, that they paved the way for new settlement west.

The author of the book uses many outside sources to support his thesis. Most of his sources are primary with a few secondary ones. He takes accounts from authors of other books as well as notes and personal observations from Lewis and Clark themselves.

He also went out and visited some of the same places that Lewis and Clark did, and explained what the areas look like now, verses when they were first discovered. Most of the information for the book is documented and comes from creditable sources. There were not too many footnotes and they along with the endnotes give credit to mostly pictures of the actual places.

The book itself goes in chronological order. It starts out giving the background of both Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. It tells how they were brought up, and how they eventually ended up meting each other and becoming partners for this transcontinental adventure.

The book is broken down into the most important parts of the trip. In the beginning of the book it explains how the two men met. Meriwether Lewis was an officer in the United States army. One day he met a new...