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As a student who doesn't necessarily love school, before coming to college, I had a different perception of libraries. I've always thought that libraries are boring places where nerds and geeks go to study. The library is a place in which literary and artistic materials are kept for reading, reference, and lending. I've known from the start that libraries are made for school purposes and that they offer nothing but books and more books for readers; I never thought that my perception would change after seeing the Lied library. On my first day of college, I stumbled upon this huge building with a weird structure. I looked at my map to see what it was called and was surprised that the building happened to be UNLV's Lied library. I almost felt like an innocent young girl who thought that the Lied library was the biggest library she had ever seen.

After a few minutes of staring at the library, I went curiously went inside this huge building. I was surprised to see many things that an ordinary library doesn't have. The Lied library offers many valuable resources and provides a very welcoming atmosphere.

Whenever I hear the word library, the first thing that comes to my mind is the thought of a place where no one wants to be. As I observed the inside to check the differences between UNLV's library and public libraries, I was pleasantly surprised. One of the obvious differences is the Lied library's enormous structure. The Lied library has five floors, each appropriated to a specific major such as engineering and nursing. As I looked around, I noticed some interesting similarities students have when studying, and a smile came to my face. I saw students scattered around the Lied library with...