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In life, one goes through many trials. Some trials change people for the better, and others for the worst. Having a nephew has been beneficial to me in many positive ways, and has helped me better myself as a whole.

Having a nephew has taught me how to be responsible. One way having a nephew has taught me responsibility was by showing me how to care for others more than for myself. I had to watch him even when I did not want to. I had to sacrifice my free time to watch over him. It also taught me how to manage my time wisely. I had to do homework, chores, and help care for Elijah with a limited amount of time. I learned how to do more than one thing at a time to use my time more effectively. For example, I could do homework and feed Elijah.

Taking care of Elijah changed my outlook on how to live better. I tried harder in school because I wanted to be a good role model. I seen how hard it was for his mother to get a good job that she was happy with without a college degree. After seeing that, I decided to go to college, and get a degree so I would not have the same problem.

My attitude changed toward others for the better. Dealing with Elijah's hard head built up my patients. It helped me keep my hot headed temper in check when people aggravate me. Being around Elijah made me control what I said and how I said curtain things. I also put more thought into my answers when people asked me something instead of just saying "I don't care.". Having Elijah as a nephew has also helped me to become a stronger leader because I tried harder Luster 2 than usual to lead him in the right direction. In conclusion, helping raise Elijah has helped me become responsible, changed my outlook on how to live, and changed my personality for the better.