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Life in America 1812-1900

Madison's presidency was conquered by foreign affairs. Both Britain and France dedicated damage on American shipping, but Britain was more offended, one reason was because with the greatest navy it was more effective and the other reson because Americans were very lets just say thin-skinned to British insults to national honor. Certain expansionist basics looking to both Florida and Canada began to press for war and took advantage of the issue of naval protection. Madison's own aim was to preserve the attitude of fredom of the seas and to declare the ability of the United States to protect its own interests and its citizens. While determined to confront the european enemy fairly, he was pulled into war against Britain, which was declared in June 1812 on a vote of 79-49 in the house and 19-13 in the Senate. Meaning majority rules in this case war is gonna begin.

There was almost no backup for war in the Northern states. The war began and ended in irony. The British had already withdrawn the criminal orders in council, but the news had not reached the United States at the time of the declaration.

The Americans were poorly placed from every point of view. Ideological objections to armies and navies had been responsible for a minimal naval force. Ideological objections to banks had been responsible, in 1812, for the Senate's denial to restore the charter of the Bank of the United States. Commercial opinion was hostile to the administration. Under the situation, it was amazing that the United States won in staggering through two years of war, eventually winning important naval successes at sea, on the Great Lakes, and on Lake Champlain. On land, a British raiding party burned public buildings in Washington, D.C., and drove President Madison to...