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Making choices in life is a daily task that young people are facing throughout their lives. From childhood to adulthood young people have to make decisions about simple and complex situations. As child youngsters are frequently being advised by their parents in how to handle common situations, youngsters are encouraged to be truthful and to make smart choices. Teenagers face other type of predicaments including intimacy and social issues. Every choice a young person makes dictates his/her future, and some of the choices h/she makes have a lifetime impact on them on those close to him/her.

When childhood begins parents tend to guide their children and advice them on the common events that a child faces. Young children are told to follow parents' advice to achieve a successful adulthood, but frequently curiosity and a fresh mind leads to disobedience of the child. On the movie we see "C" being frequently reminded to stay away from the bar, to stay away from a well known mafia individual, his parents also tell him to tell the truth about his visits to the bar.

Children face events that are confusing and challenging, one of the choices is to be always truthful about his/her activities. In the movie, the character "C" faces circumstances that appear contradictory to what his parents have being teaching him, where he witnesses a murder and has to testify, "C" decides to lie when asked to point to the murder suspect. His lying in an unethical act that he feels is the most appropriate choice to make at that time. Gambling is another wrong path to take.

Making decisions about commonly known habits is another phase of life to a youngster, choosing their peers, and the activities that a young person makes seems insignificant at times, but eventually becomes...