Choices that students will make as they preceed through school (drugs, stress, choice of friends)

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The education that is received during school is very important and useful throughout your entire life. Almost each and every person has an opportunity to receive and education. However it is up to them whether or not they accept this opportunity of a lifetime. Many obstacles stand in the way as the goal of knowledge comes closer to achievement. This is where many students make poor decisions and head down the wrong path with their education at risk. The decisions that that most students make involve drugs, choice of friends, and the way they deal with stress. The wrong decisions in these situations cause their present as well as their future to be ruined.

The friends in life are a big factor when it comes to the future. Making a poor choice of friends leads people to making regretful decisions and actions. They may be eager into pressuring others into doing something wrong or illegal.

These actions may lead to suspensions, expulsions, and consequences from the law. A suspension is capable of lowering performance in school because of the unexcused absence, which causes missing assignments, failed tests, and missing out on important knowledge. Expulsions cause failing grades in each class while sometimes requiring for that grade or classes to be repeated. These consequences, including those from the law, will greatly lower the chances of going to a good college and getting a well-paying job.

Going through school and some classes can cause a lot of stress. Dealing with stress inappropriately can cause frustration and a lack of the ability to concentrate. Gaining knowledge, finishing assignments on time, and performing well on tests will be much more difficult if the problems are not handled properly. There are many that solve their problems by dropping out of school. This is not...