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The "Life is Sweet" website was a very descriptive and organized webpage for a candy store in Wake Forest, North Carolina. When the tab "About Us" is clicked on, a screen pops up and gives a brief description of the type of store it is, the year it was established, and a cute picture of the family that runs the business. Also on the site it had a list of their products, as well as the prices and shipping charges. They also had a map and provided descriptive directions to their shop. They gave pertinent information such as their email, their phone number, and updates on the grand opening of the shop in a new area. This site is very easy to navigate because it is so straight-forward. You don't have to guess what you're clicking before you actually click it. This website didn't have any distractive images or blinking texts that would annoy a visitor.

I think that this website represents a family-owned business very well and that it would attract the visitor of the website to buy their products. They even inform you of new and updated products, as well as any sales or promotions throughout the year. If you browse through the products, then you can actually view some of the pictures of the cute wedding favors that they have made for past customers. I believe this website can be ranked as very easy-to-use because it provides useful information and it doesn't leave out anything important such as a telephone number, address, directions, product information, or prices. They obviously thought about their customers when they built this webpage by thinking about what the customers would ask them about their shop. While considering their audience's view point they answered all of the possible questions by adding them into their webpage and providing clear-stated answers to make it understandable, even for the not-so-intelligent people in the world.