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Our consulting firm and the services offered

LightSpeed Consulting firm is a modern technology consulting firm dedicated to enhancing the overall network experience for it's customers. Specializing in upgrades to existing network solutions, replacing slower outdated network infrastructures with high-speed state of the art solutions. LightSpeed Consulting has a team of highly trained and experienced engineers that take real world experience and apply lessons learned to companies in need of entering the modern world of networking. Due to the experience of LightSpeed's engineers we have the ability to propose solutions tailored to each individual companies networking and financial requirements.

LightSpeed Consulting takes a combination of skills in desktop computing, server solutions, networking hardware, and project management, to integrate into nearly any environment large or small. The types of issues LightSpeed will look for include, but are not limited to some of the following:

* Inferior Desktop Hardware.

* Outdated technology in wire solutions.

* Necessity to upgrade Server Hardware/Software.

* Necessity to implement/Integrate new Network infrastructure solutions.

LightSpeed will focus primarily in the implementation projects that result in upgrading or replacing older network technologies. We feel that we can add value by reviewing our customer's current network infrastructure and helping them take advantage of improved network technology solutions that are both robust and cost effective. This is especially true when we speak of VPN technologies. At the same time we will also work on workstation/server upgrades and network consolidations. We are confident that our team will be able to integrate our diverse experience to add value to our customer's technology projects.

All the team members have one work experience in common, information technology (IT). Each member's work experience not only limited to IT, but branches into relevant skills applied at the consulting firm. The skills applied are not only the...